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If you play sports or enjoy other physically demanding activities, it’s essential to invest in routine chiropractic care. At ProForm Clinics, expert chiropractor Gordon Payne, DC, specializes in sports medicine and injury prevention. If you want to stay healthy, active, and free of injury, make an appointment by calling the practice in Flower Mound, Texas, today.

Sports Medicine/Injury Q & A

What are sports medicine and injury prevention?

Sports medicine is a chiropractic specialty that diagnoses, treats, and prevents activity-related injuries. If you play sports, lead a physically active life, or work a job that requires lots of movement or lifting, sports medicine can help you feel and perform your best.

Following an in-office exam, a review of your medical history, and a discussion of your symptoms, Dr. Payne can develop a treatment plan that aligns with your needs.

What injuries can benefit from sports medicine?

At ProForm Clinics, Dr. Payne uses sports medicine to diagnose and treat various injuries, including:

  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Knee injuries
  • Swollen muscles
  • Achilles tendon rupture
  • Fractures
  • Dislocations

You might also be a candidate for sports medicine if you experience a rotator cuff injury that causes shoulder pain.

Who can benefit from sports medicine and injury prevention?

If you play sports, enjoy going to the gym, or work at a physically demanding job, you’re a candidate for sports medicine and injury prevention. That’s especially true if you are at increased risk of injury due to underlying health problems or live a primarily sedentary lifestyle.

What does a sports medicine and injury prevention appointment involve?

At ProForm Clinics, a sports medicine and injury prevention appointment begins with reviewing your medical history and discussing your symptoms, including when they started, how severe they are, and if they extend into other parts of your body.

Next, Dr. Payne asks about your lifestyle and exercise routine, including how often you work out, the kind of exercises you enjoy, and if you’ve recently raised your activity level.

If he suspects that you’ve broken a bone, dislocated a joint, or ruptured a tendon, he might order diagnostic imaging like X-rays, an MRI, or a CT scan. After gathering the needed information, he can make recommendations that meet your needs.

Is there any way to reduce my risk of a sports injury?

There’s no way to prevent sports-related injuries entirely. But there are things you can do to significantly lower your risk. Dr. Payne recommends:

  • Using the proper technique
  • Wearing the necessary safety equipment
  • Warming up before exercise
  • Cooling down after exercise
  • Easing slowly into new activities

Dr. Payne also recommends that you “listen” to your body. If a joint or muscle feels stiff or sore, take a time-out. It’s better to be safe than to push through the pain and aggravate an injury.

Make an appointment at ProForm Clinics by calling the office today to learn more about the benefits of sports medicine and injury prevention.