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If you’ve ever had sudden stabbing pains, tingling, or numbness down one of your legs, you’ve likely experienced sciatica. At ProForm Clinics, Gordon Payne, DC, can diagnose sciatica and find out what’s causing it. You can get all of your treatments done right at his office in Flower Mound, Texas. Dr. Payne has specialized training in relieving sciatica pain, so it won’t control your life any longer. Call ProForm Clinics for your appointment today.

Sciatica Q&A

What does sciatica feel like?

A pinched or irritated sciatic nerve can cause a variety of responses. To some it’s a quick, sharp pain that stops you in your tracks. To others, sciatic pain can be a constant pain, and weakness in one leg that may involve numbness or tingling. These symptoms can run from your lower back into your thigh and sometimes below your knee.

What causes sciatic pain?

The sciatic nerve is your body’s largest nerve, extending from your lower back all the way down your buttock and the back of your leg. Sciatica pain occurs when the nerve gets irritated or compressed — often from a herniated disc or narrowed spinal canal (spinal stenosis) but it can also be caused by muscle tightness in your upper glute area. Dr. Payne can typically identify the cause of your sciatic pain by the end of your exam.

How is sciatica diagnosed?

The first step is having a complete evaluation with Dr. Payne. He’ll perform a series of tests to check your muscle strength and reflexes. This often requires you to walk across the room on your toes, squat down, or lift your legs up while lying on your back. These activities typically worsen sciatica, letting him know that you might need further testing.

Usually the second step is getting some imaging done, if needed. ProForm Clinics utilizes digital X-rays to look for bone spurs or herniated discs that might be putting pressure on your sciatic nerve.

If necessary Dr. Payne may order a CT scan or MRI to get a clearer image of your spine.

Can sciatica be treated?

Yes, and your treatment plan will depend on the cause of your sciatica. ProForm Clinics has a high success rate of resolving sciatica and other nerve related issues.

Dr. Payne will teach you exercises that can stretch and strengthen your back to improve your posture. Over time, routine adjustments and exercises can help minimize any future risk of the pain returning. People who’ve never experienced sciatica pain can do these same adjustments and exercises to prevent it from occurring in the first place.


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